Ella is a wonderful learning specialist, and I highly recommend her if your child is in need of any reading intervention, whether it is phonemic or comprehension. My son is 8, and he struggles with reading comprehension. In just the short time that she has been working with him, he already is showing signs of improvement across the board in all subject areas including math! She uses a visualizing verbalizing technique with him that allows him to paint pictures in his brain of what he is reading. I am really impressed with what she is doing with my son, and I know with her unique background he will continue to progress with her interventions.

M. mom of J.

We are so grateful for your amazing teaching efforts for [A]. He has changed so much under your caring and encouraging ways! We truly will always be so thankful… not only can he read, but all the other components of comprehension, spelling, math, and on and on!  

K. mom of A.

I want to thank you for working with [L] and all your guidance and help you have given him. Thank you again for everything.

A. mom of L.

We are so thankful that you are tutoring our girls.

M. dad of A. and R.

I’m so grateful I found you.

– S. mom of S.


You know what I like? I Like that you turn learning into a game. I appreciate these visits because I’m actually learning.

– R. 1st grade

I appreciate all the effort you put into me this summer to help me read. I also appreciate that I can read now. I could not have done this without you. 

– L. 7th grade

Thanks for keeping a sharp eye on me and teaching me everything.

– K. 5th grade 

Thank you so much for everything. I really mean it. 

– J. Adult

Thank you for helping me read. You are sweet and you are tall.

– A. 1st grade