For remediation of reading, comprehension, and math Ella judiciously implements the following programs:

Seeing Stars  The Seeing Stars® reading program develops symbol imagery—the ability to visualize sounds and letters in words—as a basis for orthographic awareness, phonemic awareness, word attack, word recognition, spelling, and contextual reading fluency.

Visualizing and Verbalizing  The Visualizing and Verbalizing® (V/V®) comprehension program develops concept imagery—the ability to create an imaged gestalt from language—as a basis for comprehension and higher order thinking. The development of concept imagery improves reading and listening comprehension, memory, oral vocabulary, critical thinking, and writing.

On Cloud Nine  The On Cloud Nine® (OCN®) math program develops the ability to image and verbalize the concepts and processes of math. Concept imagery and numeral imagery are integrated with language to improve both mathematical reasoning and mathematical computation.

In addition, Ella adapts her interventions to each student to creatively meet their individual needs including ADHD, dyslexia, apraxia, aphasia, and auditory processing disorder. Ella’s Waldorf training and experience working with special education students inform the specific modifications made.

She also uses incentives, modeling, gentle humor, and specific immediate positive feedback to build confidence and motivate students to reach their educational and life goals.