• Is it a nightly battle for your child to do homework?
  • Do they guess randomly when they read, or can’t recall the story?
  • Are they stuck on multiplication while the class is doing algebra?
  • Your child is struggling, but you don’t know what to do?

Start here. Together we will guide your child back on track and prepare them for a successful future.

I provide Lindamood Bell reading and math intervention in your home, or online. By combining the structured program with Waldorf flexibility and creativity I meet the child where they are and use their particular strengths to address their challenges. And they’ll even have fun!

Other options available are homework coaching to cease the nightly battles and organization/study skills to increase self reliance. You can enjoy evenings together without the pressure of homework, and no more crumpled papers in the bottom of the book bag!

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Ella Gonzalez

Reading Interventionist